video, 8 min

In 'Candy House' the artist lays a series of traps for children. Like a hunter, she uses a variety of imaginative lures that exploit the naivety and natural curiosity of the children.The malicious intent is evident in the icy ingenuity of the traps themselves and in the calm and measured way in which they are set. With the simplest of manipulations everyday household objects and toys are modified and the once protective atmosphere of the home environment becomes a series of potentially lethal hazards.

Using the language of the comic genre of silent movies, the piece suggests a gentle humour.  The tension is maintained from the comical presentation of distress, where the camera serves to expose the villain and his scheme.  The effect draws attention from the startling images and highlights instead the subtle manipulations that every artist brings to his or her craft. Metaphorically, it exposes the scheme behind ‘the work of art’ or the act of creation, presenting the artist as a charlatan.