Camden Arts Centre 27 April 2023, 7-9 PM

Strange Attractor Journal IV Book Launch event

Camden Arts Centre

27 April 2023 7-9PM

Book Launch: Strange Attractor Journal IV

Edited by Jamie Sutcliffe and Mark Pilkington Strange Attractor Journal Five is a characteristically eclectic new collection of high weirdness from the margins of culture. Covering previously uncharted regions of history, anthropology, art, literature, architecture, science, and magic since 2004, each Journal has presented new and unprecedented research into areas that scholarship has all too often ignored.

The launch event will feature three presentations taken from the new collection:

William Fowler on the strange story of Hungarian painter and decorator Joseph De Havilland, who had himself crucified on Hampstead Heath in 1969. Was it an act of queer mystical masochism, or high-concept performance art?

Karen Russo presents her short film, and an introductory lecture on Haus Atlantis in Bremen, a 1931 monument of esoteric fascist architecture that combined Nordic mythology, fringe-science and futuristic architecture with the aim of restoring “the self-esteem of the German people”.

Ken Hollings, David McGillivray and friends read scenes from “Let Me Die A Monster’ their un-filmed 1996 film script imagining the tortured last days of Nick Adams, would-be film star and reputed lover of James Dean and Elvis, as he filmed a kaiju epic for Toho Films in 1965.

Books and exclusive ephemera will be available.

Strange Attractor Journal IV launch event

Camden Arts Centre

Arkwright Road

London NW3