Salon for a Speculative Future: Women Artists’ Print Portfolio

MOCA, London

For Women's History Month MOCA London WE is pleased to present Salon for a Speculative Future: Women Artists’ Print Portfolio

How to be in the Future
Salon for a Speculative Future: 
Women Artists’ Print Portfolio

co-curated by Monika Oechsler and Sarah Bodman

8-11 March 2023

Opening event:
Wednesday 8th March
6 - 8 pm

Exhibition opening times:
Thursday and Friday 2 - 6 pm
Saturday 12 - 4 pm

This new Salon for a Speculative Future (SFASF) publication How to be in the Future? accompanies a bespoke print portfolio by twenty women artists with printed artworks and texts, including the contributing artists’ thoughts on their inspirations and future thinking. Following the exhibition, the print portfolio and publication will be exhibited in national and international educational institutions and bequeathed to two major archives.

Inaugurated in March 2019 in celebration of Women’s History Month the SFASF is a platform for inter-disciplinary and cross-generational creative exchange. The mission of the SFASF is to champion the wealth of historical and contemporary contributions made by women across all areas of culture and society. SFASF aims to facilitate creative exchange amongst contemporary artists, build on the visions of previous generations of women and to foster an expanding community of contemporary creative practitioners. By honouring existing legacies, the Salon connects and invites contemporary creative practitioners to share new and historic insights and engage in experimental thinking towards a positive future.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, March 2022, twenty artists were invited to create a unique print for a bespoke Salon for a Speculative Future Women Artists’ Print Portfolio considering the question: How to be in the future? Imagining a positive future is inspired by Rebecca Solnit’s historical analysis, suggesting that the productive tensions between disruption and transformation hold a potential for positive change. The SFASF print portfolio was first exhibited during the IMPACT 12, Multidisciplinary Printmaking Conference, 21 - 25 September 2022, hosted by the Centre for Print Research, UWE Bristol, UK.

The project is a collaboration, produced by Monika Oechsler and Sarah Bodman, and financially supported by the University of the West of England & the Centre for Print Research UWE.
Abigail Reynolds - Angie Butler - Catherine Ade - Conway and Young - Harriet Bowman - Huma Mulji - Janice Kerbel - Johanna Love - Karen Russo - Koushna Navabi - Liane Lang - Lubaina Himid - Magda Stawarska-Bevan - Monika Oechsler - Nick Grellier and Emily Lucas - Oona Grimes - Sammy Paloma - Sophy Rickett - Tracy Hill - Young In Hong.

Salon for a Speculative Future