Curriculum Vitae


1993-1995 Hamidrasha art college, Beit Berl, Israel

1995-1998 Graduated with distinction B.A Fine Art, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem

Awards, grants and Residencies

2020 - Special Mention Award - Oberhausen Film Festival

2019 - Staff Stiftung, Germany

2019 - Elephant Trust, UK

2019- Israeli Lottery Grants for the Arts

2018 - Award for an Established Video Artist, Ministry of Culture, Israel

2018 - Outset 

2016- Israeli Lottery Grants for the Arts 

2016- Arts Council England - Grants for the Arts

2015- Artis Contemporary

2015- Israeli Lottery Grant for the Arts

2015- Arts Council England - International Development Fund

2015- Ostrovsky Family Fund for Experimental Cinema

2015 - Künstlerhäuser Worpswede, Germany (residency)

2012- Cimema Project, the Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts

2012- the Ministry of Culture award, Israel

2011 - Center for Contemporary Art Fund for Video  & Experimental Cinema, Tel-Aviv

2011 - Bambi Foundation, Berlin

2010 - British Council, London

2010 - Outset Contemporary Art Fund

2009 - Arts Council England

2008 - Mifal Ha’pais (Israeli lottery) project grant

2007 - Experimental film award, Jerusalem Film Festival

2006 - Delfina Bursary award, London

2005 - America Israel Cultural Foundation

2004 - Delfina Studios, London

2004 - The New Fund for Cinema and TV, Israel

2003 - Rabinovich Foundation, Tel-Aviv – grant for an artist book

2003 - Center for Contemporary Art Fund for Video  & Experimental Cinema, Tel-Aviv

2002 - Givon prize, Tel-Aviv Museum of modern Art

2002 - Bertelsmann Foundation, Germany

2000 - Ministry of Science Culture & Sport award for a young artist

2000 - America Israel Cultural Foundation

1998 - Elhanani award (excellence prize for a “Bezalel” graduate)

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019 - Myths of the Near Future, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art

2016 - Haus Atlantis, Große Kunstschau, Worpswede

2014- We Are Golden, Circle1 - Platform for Art & Culture, Berlin

2013 - Mole Man, Barbican Centre, London

2010 - The Remote Viewing Project, Center for Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv

2009 - On a Clear Day We Can See Forever, Paradise Row Gallery, London

2008 - Aesthetics of Disappointment, Faye Fleming & Partner (formely Arquebuse), Geneva

2007 - One in the Other Gallery, London

2006 - Dvir Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2005 - Economy of Excess, VTO, London

2005 - Delfina, London

2001 - A Doll’s House, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

2000 - Spontaneous Human Combustion, Herzliya Museum, Israel

Selected Group Exhibition

2020 - International FIlm Festival Oberhausen

2020- Alchemy Film Festival, Hewick

2020 - Marseille Underground Film Festival

2020 - Ministry of Culture Awards, Ashdod Museum

2019 - Drawing Biennial, The Drawing Room, London

2018- Dioramas (screening), TRANSIT ARTS, Glad Cafe, Glasgow

2018- November Film Festival, London

2018 – Nightfall, Tel-Aviv Artists Studios

2018 – Jerusalem Film Festival

2018 – Emplacing, Close up Film Centre, London

2017- More Love Hours Than Can Ever Be Repaid, Raw Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2017- European Media Art Festival, Osnabruck 

2017- Drawing Biennial, Drawing Room, London

2016- Swedenborg Film Festival, London

2016- Things to Come, Petach-Tikva Museum 

2014- Culture Loops, Museum Bärengasse, Zurich

2014- No Man’s Land, Jerusalem Artist House

2014- Cinema South Festival, Sderot

2013- Urban Wandering, Barbican Centre, London

2013- Ministry of Culture prize, Ashdod Museum

2013- The World is Almost Six Thousands Years Old, The Collection Lincoln & Usher Gallery, Lincoln

2013- Drawing Biennial, the Drawing Room, London

2013- Mythographies, Bezalel/Yaffo 23, Jerusalem

2012 - ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, the Mall Galleries, London

2012 - Cabinets of Curiosities in Contemporary Art - From Astonishment to Disenchantment, Hertzliya Museum, Israel

2012 - Inter Sections – Science in Contemporary Art, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

2012 - The Curator’s Egg, Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London

2011 - 28th Kassel Documentary Film & Video Festival, Kassel, Germany

2011 - The Edge of Reason: Mapping the Invisible, Kino Kino Centre for Contemporary Art and Film, Sandnes, Norway

2011 - Drawing Biennial, The Drawing Room, London

2011 - Aestheticos, P.K Hoenich Center for Art, Science and Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Technion, Haifa

2011 - Escape, The artist's house, Tel Aviv

2010 - The City and the Stars, STILLS - Scotland’s Centre for Photography, Edinburgh

2010 - Trembling Time, screening, Tate Modern, London

2010 – The Big Rip-Off, Camden Art Centre, London

2010 - The Young Israelis, Lesley Heller gallery, New York

2010 – Angst hat große Augen, Werkleitz Festival, Halle (Saale), Germany

2010 - Overview: Israeli Video 2000-2010, Haifa Museum of Art, Israel

2009 - Other worlds: the Hayward Gallery Project Space in South Korea, Platform in KIMUSA, Seoul, Korea

2009 - Deceitful Moon, Hayward Gallery Project Space, London

2009 - Saturn Rings, Dvir Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2009 - The Man with the Pumpkin Head, Ein Harod Museum, Israel

2009 - Slump City, SPACE, London

2009 - Fucking Tourists, ReMap, Athens biennale, Athens

2008 - Three BY Three, Yinka Shunibare space, London

2008 - Expenditure, Busan biennial, Korea

2008 - Jerwood Drawing Prize 2008, Jerwwod Space, London

2008 - Won't Get Fooled Again, Café Gallery Projects, London

2008 - Real Time: Art in Israel 1998–2008, the Israel Museum, Jerusalem

2008 - Depletion, works from the Sebbag collection, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Tel-Aviv

2008 - Demons, Bat-Yam Museum, Israel

2008 - Artfocus 5 - Can Art do More?, Talpiot Beit Benit Congress Centre, Jerusalem

2008 - the White Sport, Minshar for Art, Tel-Aviv

2007 -  An Archaeology, 176, works from the Zabludowicz collection, London

2007 - Off Screen, Montevideo- Netherlands Institute for Media Art, Amsterdam

2007 - Videospread, Paris Subway Transit – RATP, France

2007 - Surrealist Ball, Victoria & Albert Museum, London

2006 - Wanderland: Israel - Palestine, Krefeld Museum, Krefeld, Germany

2006 - Write on Write off, The Great Unsigned at Chapman Fine Arts, London

2006 - In Between Places, Vivian Horan Gallery, New-York

2006 - “Everything Must Go”, VTO, London

2006- “Black Moon Island”, One in the Other, London

2006 - “Disruptions”, Petach-Tikva Museum, Israel

2005 - “Dreams and Trauma”, Haus Der Kulturen Die Welt, Berlin, Germany

2005 - “Video London”, Espai Ubú, Barcelona, Spain

2005 - "Take It Further!” Andrew Mummery Gallery, London

2005 - “Why don’t You Say It?” Hertzliya Museum, Israel

2005 - “Future Landscapes”, Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, Shrewsbury

2004 - "Etude pour un Premier Amour", Dvir Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2004 - Delfina, London

2004- "Frigid", Tal Esther Gallery, Tel Aviv

2004 - Works from the O'hana collection, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel

2003 - The 20th Film Festival, Jerusalem

2003 - Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal

2003 - "Video Invitational", FA Projects, London

2003 - “Video Zones”, Herzliya Museum, Israel

2003 - “Video Works”, Dvir Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2003 - "Parallel Worlds", K&S gallery, Berlin

2002 - “The 35th Year”, Plonit Gallery, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2002 - “Where are the Children”, Givon Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2002 - “Special for Studio”, Camera Obscura Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2002 - “Drawings” Tel-Aviv Artist’s Studios”, Tel-Aviv

2002 - “Narrative and Other Tales”, Haifa Museum of Art, Israel

2001 - “Video Works”, Bezalel Academy Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2000 - “Erection”- Pe’er gallery, Tel-Aviv

1999 - “Regarding Rafi”- Nufar Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

1998 - “Les Fous du Roi”, Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Nimes, Nimes, France

1998 - “Not to be looked At”, Le Miroir, Marseille, France



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Karen Russo - The Remote Viewing Project, Center for Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv, 64 p', 2010

Encyclopedia Thermica, Fiction, critical theory & images, Omanut La'am Press, 324 p, 2004

Catalogues & Essays

Haus Atlantis - Visual Essay, Tohu Magazine, 10.11.2016

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Other worlds: the Hayward Gallery Project Space in South Korea, Platform in KIUSA, Seoul, Korea, 2009

The Man with the Pumpkin Head, Ein Harod Museum, Israel, 2009

Expenditure, Busan Biennial, Korea, 2008

The Civil Contract of Photography, Ariella Azoulay, Zone Books, New York, 2008

Jerwood Drawing Prize Award 2008, The Centre for Drawing, Universitity of the Arts, London 2008

Real Time: Art in Israel 1998–2008, the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2008

Depletion, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Israel 2008

Can Art Do More?, Art Focus 5, Israel, 2008

Demons-Contemporary Artists from Poland and Israel and the Spirits of Time, Bat-Yam Museum, Israel, 2008

Wanderland: Israel-Palestine, Haus der Lange, Kunstmuseem Krefeld, Kerber Press, 2006

Narrative and Other Tales, Haifa Museum of Art publications, Israel, 2002

Ha'midrasha 4 – Artist’s texts, page 59-90, Babel Publishing, 2001

A Doll’s House, Joint 4, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem 2000

Selected Press & Reviews

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