Mycelia Publication Launch, Glasgow

Mycelia Publication Launch, The Glad Café, Glasgow, 26 October 2018, 7.30pm, £3 (suggested), tickets on the door

Dioramas is a screening programme which features the re-enactment of mythologised landscapes by modernist campaigns. Moving image works by Karen Russo and Patrick Hough move through simulated worlds: industrial translations of Ancient Egypt, embedded with an uncanny atemporality, at once premodern and futuristic. Out of time and out of place, the programme presents two new ruins wherein the eerie is formed by a distorted reconstitution of the past in the present.

Dioramas is presented as part of the launch of Myceliaa new print magazine for weird, experimental and literary fiction and visual art published by Hedera Felix.

Curated by Marcus Jack


The Glad Cafe