Nomadica at LABA 2022


Nomadica at LABA 2022

Artist film lab

screenings, performances & exhibitions

April 21-25, 2022

Brescia, Italy

Five days of radical immersion in international experimental and artist cinema, with film screenings, focuses, seminars, tributes, meetings, and workshops. Artistic activities and open discussions will create opportunities for informal exchange between viewers, students, filmmakers, artists, and curators.

A unique event organized by Nomadica and LABA to discover dozens of off-the-grid works from the past and the future and from all corners of the world.

with films, performances, installations, seminars by

AA++ / Angel RUEDA and Ana DOMÍNGUEZ, Dianna BARRIE, Yonay BOIX, Dietmar BREHM, Giulia COLIGNANO, Sílvia DAS FADAS, Manuela DE LABORDE, Claudia LARCHER, James EDMONDS, Benjamín ELLENBERGER, Zachary EPCAR, Morgan FISHER, Philipp FLEISCHMANN, Siegfried FRUHAUF, Paolo GIOLI, Teo HERNANDEZ, Baba HILLMAN, Shun IKEZOE, Sandra LAHIRE, Christian LEBRAT, Luis MACIAS, Elke MARHÖFER, Pablo MARÍN, Jean Jacques MARTINOD, Yuri MURAOKA, Daniel MURPHY, Lydia NSIAH, OJOBOCA, Jun'ichi OKUYAMA, Jacques PERCONTE, Charlotte PRYCE, Sofia RUSSO, Lucy RAVEN, Jorge SUÁREZ-QUIÑONES RIVAS, Michael ROBINSON, Karen RUSSO, Luca SANTESE / CESURA, Gianni SERRA, Suneil SANZGIRI, Paul SHARITS, Francesco VESPIGNANI, Bretta C. WALKER, WARSHADFILM, Josh WEISSBACH, Chris WELSBY, Andrew Norman WILSON, and many more.

curated and presented by:

Enrico CAMPORESI, Rinaldo CENSI, Nino DOLFO, Ana DOMÍNGUEZ, Elena DUQUE, Beatrice GIBSON, Susanna GONZO, Tommaso ISABELLA, Zoe MEYER, NAO, Francisco ALGARÍN NAVARRO, Riccardo RE, Angel RUEDA, Carlos SALDAÑA, Giulia MAZZONE, Giuseppe SPINA.

MACHINALIVE is the living-machine that lives on universal laws and where the distance between artifice and Nature does not exist. It is the machine-of-the-world through which we can see every act of creation as a stratified whole that we continually (re)discover and (re)organize.

The suggestions that cross the program of MACHINALIVE introduce an aesthetic and ecological vision in which Nature, machines, and human beings are part of a single plane: an approach toward the rules of matter and everything that surrounds us that recognize their innate Nature, aware of the functions, the effects, and the necessary resources; operating in a world of relations that erase the dichotomy between subject and object, because both objects and subjects move instead of just “being” and generate encounters and clashes, movements and exchanges, oscillations and resonances.